who we are

why people choose us

Zedpoint is an interior design and interior architecture firm based in Dubai. we provide space planning and design solutions to corporate and professionals offices , banks , hospitals , clinics , hotels , restaurants , residential and  retail facilities specializing in innovative and sophisticated design . our philosophy creates an overall aesthetic .  wherein architecture , furniture , art and accessories , all blend artfully into a visually elegant and comfortable living environment.

zedpoint provide a full service design/build that offers a complete one stop station for all project needs . state of the art planning , presentation , and visualization services with highly talented team under supervision of owner for unique , original and personalized designs above the generic.

warm and homely feeling is the main character that always reveals itself in our interior designs . whether is is in a private house or in public area , we never let the design lose its touch with the people who will occupy the space . as our clients needs change we will evaluate those needs and offer our clients with the service that helps them to achieve their new goals .